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Jewelry can touch women’s heart than any language, although it is silent.


Founded in 2008, Art jewelry brand Klurent always adhere to the design idea of Jewelry is not just about fashion & beauty, but more of love, and we regard revealing women's charm as our premier pursuit. The touching emotions that include kinship, love, friendship, faith and romance are placed on Klurent jewelry. With these emotions, we create exquisite art jewelry with excellent designs flooded with emotions and innovation and then superior craftsmanship, which not only adds wearers a touch of elegant aesthetic in appearance, but also infuses happiness and satisfaction in spirit

Customer Service: Email: support@klurent.net

Klurent Offical guarantees that all of our products can be REPLACE or REFUND free from the charge with 30-DAY limited warranty for ANY reason.

If you are in the course of any problems or suggestions, please contact our 24/7 customer service email to get the service.